TS-2 Filter Plate Assembly For Trigger Systems 34 Series Sumps


Includes 1 plate and 2 flange assemblies, filters not included
9.40” x 3.90” x .25”
Fits 34 series sumps: Emerald, Sapphire & Amethyst


The standard Trigger Systems filter plate has oval holes which will not work with the Reef Diaper.
Our replacement filter plate has round 3-1/2” diameter holes and requires modified 3-1/2” flange assemblies. Two flange assemblies are included with each filter plate. Additional flange assemblies are sold separately.

The machining process used to modify the Retainer exposes air bubbles within the molded part. Some of the larger bubbles will be filled, but others will still be visible (see image below). These imperfections are only cosmetic and will not affect the performance of the flanges.