Never wash another nasty filter sock again! Filter socks are arguably the worst part of aquarium maintenance and are the equivalent of cloth diapers that were used over 50 years ago. Why waste your time trying to clean a filter sock when you can simply replace it with a perfectly clean one every time? Reef Diaper disposable filter socks make this possible with low-cost replaceable filter elements. The top flange assembly is reused and only the filter element is replaced. The simple design allows a new filter element to be installed in just seconds. The pleated element provides over 300 square inches of area and has the filter performance and capacity comparable to a 200 micron felt sock. The built in seal prevents waste from flowing past the socks and into your sump. It also prevents the socks from floating in applications where the socks are submerged. The Reef Diaper is a simple, low cost alternative to bulky and complex roller filter systems. The reef diaper is perfect for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. For maximum nutrient export, filter socks should be replaced twice a week.


You Never Have to Wash Another Nasty Filter Sock!!!

Filter Element Installation

Place the flange on a flat surface and slide the filter over the flange barbs

Slide the retainer over the filter with the seal facing towards the flange

Press the retainer over the barbs until it is flush with the flange face

Filter Element Removal

Support the edge of the flange with your index and middle fingers

Push the retainer off the flange barbs using your thumbs