Will the Reef Diaper fit my sump or sock holder?2021-04-26T05:35:28+00:00

The Reef Diaper replaces standard 4” filter socks. The seal is designed to fit a 3-3/4” diameter bore. This is the standard size for most sumps that use 4” filter socks.

The seal may not be required if the tank overflow hose feeds directly into the sock. In this case the Reef Diaper will fit smaller diameter holders and the flange assembly can simply sit on top of the holder.

What are the filters made of?2021-04-26T05:35:17+00:00

The Reef Diaper filters are made of a very strong, light weight, polyester material. They are approximately .01” thick and very flexible.

What is the micron rating of the filter elements?2021-04-26T05:36:03+00:00

Micron ratings can be very misleading since there is not a single standard test that is used by all manufacturers. This means that ratings can have a wide variation, depending on the test method used. The estimated mean flow pore (MFP) size for the Reef Diaper is 65 microns. Estimated MFP is calculated using basis weight, permeability and thickness. The question is further complicated by the fact that micron rating is constantly decreasing as the filter becomes dirty and the pore size is reduced. The best method for evaluating a filter is to look at the results in your own aquarium. Based on our tests and customer experience, the Reef Diaper has the performance and capacity comparable to a 200 micron felt sock.

How much do replacement filter elements cost?2022-02-10T18:18:57+00:00

Replacement elements cost about a buck a piece and are available on Amazon.com with free Prime shipping.

How often should I replace my filter socks?2021-04-26T05:37:12+00:00

For maximum nutrient export, you should replace your filter socks twice a week. This will help to remove waste before it has a chance to break down and provide nutrients for algae. It is also important to replace filter socks before they start to overflow. An overflowing filter sock can release waste back into the tank.

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