RS-1 Flange Assembly For Red Sea Reefer Filter Trays


**Modifed to Fit Red Sea**
Reefer Filter Trays

Flange assembly only, trays and filter elements not included
Please read notes before ordering


The machining process used to modify the flanges exposes air bubbles within the molded parts. Some of the larger bubbles will be filled, but others will still be visible (see images below). These imperfections are only cosmetic and will not affect the performance of the flanges.

Position the Reef Diaper flange with the relief cut located at the back of the tray and the logo located at the front of the tray as shown

Tip: The Red Sea filter trays have very sharp edges on some of the filter sock bores. These sharp edges should be removed from both sides of the tray. This can be done with a dremel and/or sand paper. This will make it easier it install and remove the Reef Diaper.


You Never Have to Wash Another Nasty Filter Sock!!!